Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dear colleague,

some weeks ago I warned you about the waiting times of incoming phone calls on your line. 3 days later you got an official warning. Only one week later, we warned you about the pictures you downloaded during work time and increasing waiting times. Two days later you got a second official warning.
This week-end I had to restrict your upload quota in the house, we share together with other colleagues. While checking your surf habits, I also noticed you subscribed on two different pr0n sites, twice with different credit card details who aren't yours. I restricted you the access to every website with sexual content.

Today, when you took my clothes out of the laundry room, you made 3 errors.
1. I don't find my clothes. Shall we call this theft revenge?
2. You are 'prime suspect' since all the other people were at work. Server logs prove this. You were not logged in.
3. You forgot your car keys in the laundry room.

You can collect your car keys in the living room, on the desk and don't forget to get rid of the 'evidence'.

So far my day. I saw this video, you all have probably already seen, but I still think it is fucking funny.

I am sure she designed this or came up with the idea for.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


WTF !??! 13/30 !??! No, it's not a date. Just wanted to say that you (most of you) will enjoy at least 13 seconds out of 30 this time @ MWL.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Quick, help me getting laid

Today I was surfing some blogs and a 'comment' I read somewhere pissed me of. Totally pissed me of. Here we go.

You would be a good addition to the I talk 2 Much team in that you would actually bring heart to the game. I got the crappiest review possible, as you already know, and have been absolutely fine with it and found it funny. I did not ask for a review to follow it, I was just curious to see what such bitchy people would tell me. I know what I like and I don't need reassurance or advice and if I do I would know exactly where to go to get it.

I am used to intelligent banter on websites, and if not that, at least fun... so I thought I would have some fun with them and their putdown of my blog but they could not let go of the bugs up their asses and were quite nasty the whole way through... THAT was disappointing.
OK. This stealing attention wh0re decided a while ago to submit her blog to get smacked at I Talk too much [we're rude - deal with it]. Read the result. The comments, especially the 'gypsy' ones are even funnier. Now I have to read that you did not ask for a 'review' and took their 'banter' in a funny way? Why submit, don't you think the people behind that blog have enough to do without attention wh0res like you.

Let me put this straight. So you were just looking for some attention, traffic or wanted to play smarta$$ over there? What in the whole fuck!n' galaxy allows you to call those bitches 'heartless'. Do you know them? Are they really heartless? Who steals the work of a world wide respected artist and rapes that same work into a donkeydicksucking background ? To share everything on her waisted cyber trash with a Creative Common License. Or even use his work to wh0re herself (do not forget to check out the licenses on that page - i saved your page, was too lazy to screenshot). Well done fucktwat.
But if you do not know the bitches, RTFM. Luckily I can keep this rant short and proudly present everyone the (stolen) 'short version' of 'European minded' Miz. BoheMia's life.

Presented by madbull

And you stealing gypsy, if you really want to know, I got smacked as well. I got one smack but have forgotten to create any drama. Although I am inciteful. And enjoy the 2 clicks you might get over this post. It are '3 too much'.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Blogosphere = ill today ?

What is wrong with our blogosphere today? Check out the date :: Friday 13th. It is almost midnight here in the UK and so far I have not seen one singular "Friday the 13th post/meme"!

WTF is going on? Are you all sick? Ill? Burned out?

Luckily I only read my blogroll today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

*#@$$~& §$" part-1

Last night two women kept me awake till 05.37AM ! I guess I should whine now.

Problem is that I am already sitting here since... well hours and feel that sleeeeeeepy. I don't get anything done. Above all my bo$$, discovered that we might have to work an hour longer daily. Well the same amount of minutes will be a 'supplementary' daily break, generously offered to us sys admins. DAMN AMERICANS ! First keep me up and then decide to change the system-reboot times. Why not just start an hour later in the mornings ? Ba$tard$.

I feel I could smack someone!

I guess I need to check this some more.

BTW, don't you wish your girlfriend was as h0t as mine ?!