Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tagged :: WTF, keep the traffic going Part. 2

Again someone has had the funny idea to tag me. I LOVE IT. At least I know what to write now. I wonder if this has something to do with revenge.

1. The act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation.
2. Something done in vengeance; a retaliatory measure.
3. A desire for revenge; spite or vindictiveness.
4. An opportunity to retaliate, as by a return sports match after a defeat.

WTF ! I thought it was a good idea to refer to the of revenge but know it is all getting worse ! What is 'retaliation' ?
1. To return like for like, especially evil for evil.
2. To pay back (an injury) in kind.

OK, that one went fine, I start understanding what this all is about, just need to figure out what is meant by 'vindictiveness'.
1. Disposed to seek revenge; revengeful.
2. Marked by or resulting from a desire to hurt; spiteful

Finally this is all starting to make sense to me. Lysie you just felt like having your own little vengeance by showing your evil desires to hurt. This sounds quite sadistique to me, if anyone would care about my 43cents, but I just don't understand why you want to bring a gnome to help you. Have you forgotten that I am the master of an army of Japanese Origami soldiers ? Did you know that the sunlight turned them into stone ? How do you want to battle my paper soldiers with your stone creatures ? We will wrap you in ! At least you could have brought some trolls, but no ! You've asked for, especially since the leader of your squad has been picked that provacatively.

My Japanese origami-fleet will show no mercy with your 2 gnomes. Transformated into papaer planes they take of to Tampa, or in that neighbourhood, don't be afraid we'll find you! After some air hours we finally reach the States (yes, the united ones) and activate our positioning system :: 'Bonzai'. Damn customs. What shall we tell them?

customs :: 'This is Airforce One, you are about to enter the non-terrorist world. Identify yourself !'
origami float :: 'AFO, we are following a left-winger who stole our imported bourbon!'
customs :: 'No problem, as long as you don't enter our secret areas and pay taxes on any other purchases'
origami troups :: 'No problems'
origami troupers :: 'Damn rain !'

Fuck that was a crap post and story, but at least I had some good links. Thanks Lysie and remember my revenge will be sweet. In the mornin' two sugar please !

(that's it)

No Angel

Live in virtue, no desire
In the grave an angel's choir
You look to heaven and wonder why
No one can see them in the sky

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in heaven's keep
Alone in fear they question why
Goddamn not an angel when I die

Angels live, they never die
Apart from us, behind the sky
They're fading souls who've turned to ice
So ashen white in paradise

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in heaven's keep
Alone in fear they question why
Goddamn not an angel when I die

Goddamn not an angel when I die
Heaven must be hell in the sky

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shitty Blogs Club, or how shitty can a blog be

In this period of 'Blogburners' and 'Professional Blogreviewers' I always get surprised how much people start to believe in their own 'virtual importance'. Don't you all get it ? People we are just living a life online, and it (in most cases) doesn't fill up our wallte or bank account. For a lot of fellow bloggers it is rather a way to show another 'site' of their personality, a 'site' they try to hide in real life. People who read my blog and who understand a little sarcasm can definitely imagine that in real life I am actually harder as I show here. Also for me this blog is a possibility to express myself 'in a safe environnement' and opposed to a lot of bloggers show 'some weaker parts' of mine.

One of my regular reads is The Shitty Blogs Club. Actually I even submitted my blog over there shortly after having started MWL, but only because I liked SBC.

Today, surfing another of my daily reads, HorseHell i noticed a comment at HH, stating the SBC. Mango, one of the SBC-founders, not agreeing with Biologisvensk mentionning (read posting the name + link of) the SBC in her post explaining the banned bank. Yes Bio lost the Thunderdome and found a loophole in the rules. The first reaction of some Thunderdome-freaks was astonishment and 'not understanding' since Bio first put up the 'Banned Bank' in her sidebar, but without explaining. Even more, a thread at Chaos Wastes, the official Thunderdome forums, learned every not too dumb reader that even Dave, the founder of the Thunderdome and Maximum Awesome didn't take Bio's found loophole like 'a rat pushed into a corner and trying to kick around'. No the main tenor in the forums was :: 'Everyone learned something out of this and life goes on'.

But sadly but true some people can't live happily without stirring the shit non-stop. I really wonder if it makes them feel happier and makes life easier for them. When I read that entry at the SBC, I immediately felt like having to says my 43cents bout Mango's attitude and posted a comment.

WTF do you people all think ?
that you all rule the blogosphere... ??? fair enough...
but then you gotta be able to deal with 'rebels' as well
sorry guys but all come off your 'self-invented' throne

Rereading my comment now, some hours later I still didn't change my opinion. Especially after having digged 'just a little' in the SBC-Archives. What is the Shitty Blogs Club actually about. You would think that you might find it in the first post, wouldn't you. Well here we go ::

First post in a new category about SBC

Welcome all Shitty Blogs Club Members!

I have a list of member blogs on the side bar here. I count six blogs so far. Cool. Not bad for day one. Let me know if I've overlooked anyone. I'd hate to accidently deny anyone's shittiness. Remember, there are no rules to SBC other than you have to have the badge displayed proudly. What else do you need?

Be Proud. Be Shitty.

Yeah ! Great one guys ! You rock !
Trying hard to ignore there's a Shitty Blogs Radio at Mangoradio I didn't get wiser and don't know where the SBC-members/founders found 'their proud and great Badge' to wear. Yes, I found your disclaimer as well, but mentioning the disclaimer just wouldn't fit into me strategy right now. In the case that you might wonder what a 'crap statement' this was, it is a figure of speech mainly used by Cicero and called Praeteritio (Greek :: Paralypsis). Click the link it will lead you to the wikipedia *wink*.

Once having enjoyed the SBC, today I really started wondering if my last week without tablets has done me any good (guys use this one in the comments, I just handed you a weak spot to assault!) because I didn't enjoy the shit over there anymore. Why not ?
Mango your post from today just shows us that you are a little attention seeker, who is ready to creep in to the whole of any 'admired personality'. BTW, your posting in above mentionned Chaos Wastes' thread didn't change my opinion and your reaction on my comment at SBC actually made me feel really good. Thank you for that, a reason more not to have to take tablets today.

'go fuck yourself.'

I really hope you feel better and relieved after having written this, but I am sure you enjoyed it since you repeated it a second time. And on your question 'WTF I am' let me think shortly about that one.

Done. Just consider me just like Bitchalicious and Orange Haired Boy being another lapdog of Bio *blink*
Yes this involves you might have to change your entry at SBC and link to me in your post as well, which I would really be thankfull for. Better bad publicity as no publicity. How are your nerves doing now ? Am I tickling them already ? Trust me, I am still being nice.

Well I think I have promoted the SBC enough now and will stop posting about a blog that disgusted me, not because of it being 'shitty', but more due to the amount of nonsense I had to go through. BTW, consider me not being intrested in your club anymore, I already took the button of my site some weeks ago, since I considered that you should AT LEAST be able to react within 6 weeks after my submission. Sorry, my free webspace is expensive. And now start commenting my bad english... please ! That is really what I expect to happen now.

Woooohhhhhhhh.... google is going to like this post. Several outgoing links of quality. Mango, my Pagerank 2 will love you... later or sooner *hugs*
Now I am going to check out one of the few Blogburners/reviewers who didn't start to live in his new Heaven, Brad @ Blogg'd. He at least realises that it all started as and still should be a fun thing to do. And the Bitches from I Talk Too much also manage it to entertain me and they stay 'both feet on the ground' as well.

Have fun.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Feels like Jesus :: James Bond Reloaded.

Today after work I went for the compulsary 'Afterwork-Drink' with my security-colleagues. After having arrived at the bar, we immediately found a common topic, a topic of national (and international) importance for Great Britain :: Daniel Craig.

Who the fuck is Daniel Craig ? Moviefans who have seen Layer Cake will definitely remember Daniel Criag.

But I suspect the people who have seen Layer Cake also have watched Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. This movie features THE best future James Bond. There is no one else who could incorporate 007 better as an actorfrom Lock, stock...

He is smart, goodlooking (objectif), can drink a lot, humouristic (sarcastic), witty, popular among women, he can fight, occasionally even get punched, drives fast cars, is a gentleman, is british...

Hmmm, have i forgotten something ? Admit it, if he HAS all this, he can apply to be the new Bond, couldn't he ? No actually he SHOULD BE the next one or just forget about that blonde dude and hire him !

And the winner is...



(didn't I say NT?)

Friday, November 25, 2005


Regulars of 'My waisted life...' might already have wondered what was going on here. For quite some hours I have been reflecting wether doing it or not. To do or not to do?

Finally I decided not to write a post about the template changes over here.

(That's it, oohhh wait there's alittle BTW behind the 'read more!' link)

Thanks ladies for having commented the Mommy-blogger-howto and having told me your cupsize. I hadn't thought that you girls would react in that way, but still enjoyed the information. BTW I think a 'healthy' B-Cup is already very enjoyable. *wink*

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Today a new topic here :: how to become a ***-blogger. In the traditional style of haiter, I naturally start with the mommy-bloggers. So here we go !

How to be a good mommy-blogger.

1. Be catholic !
Most of the religions in the north-western part of our planet ALLOW you to use condoms. Our pope, even the newest one (damn how long is that german c*nt gonna be pope actually), doesn't allow us to use any of those, or other things that avoid you from having kids. So be a 'fucking' catholic in the first place to become a good mommy-blogger.

2. Be a good cook, because one day you might become granny. And who will we consult if we need little tricks for meals and guests? Granny's blog off course.

3. When having a shower, use the mirror in front of you! What you don't have a mirror in front of your shower? YOU NEED ONE! It is very important that you can admire your b(o)(o)bies as a mommy-blogger, otherwise you might not be able to impress the 'tough guys' at BE-Shoutbox.

5. BTW speaking off b(_)(_)bies, they'll better be BIG... anything under a mouthfull will fail! And trust me I got a big mouth.

6. It is really important to us that you let your kids kill eachother while you are writing your newest post. What would you write about the next morning ? And don't forget the pictures bout the war on the floor! Spice them up with some... er yeah with some what ? Damn you've forgotten that you have a roast in the oven !

7. Off course you know every... FUCKING HELL !

I just don't know what to write, this is boring. Can't even burn one of them without falling asleep... I think I must start drinking again. Bio where did you hide all the vodka ?

(again nothing more to read!)

The dangers of Sarcasm :: Sorry Bob Gentry!

Last night I got an email from Bob Gentry asking me to take down the Official-Anti-Bob -Gentry-Mafia I once created. Bob and I had a conversation about this webring, that I took offline, as well at his blog as last night spread over several emails. This dialogue was very fair and Bob was not whining or anything. As it appeared Bob had even read 'My waisted life' regularly and found it funny and saw the humour in this blog and the ring as well.

Many readers have been mailing Bob to tell him the about the existence of this webring, a point I was aware of it happening as soon as I started the webring.

I knew that it would bring Bob visitors to his site and it was mainly one of the reason why I started the mafia, because I LIKE BOB GENTRY'S BLOG and bob as a person. I admire all the efforts Bob put in his dream. But that is not the reason why I write this post.

Bob wrote me as well that he lost a possible job, he tried to get a on Craig's The guy hiring, apparently thought because of the Anti-Bob-Gentry-Mafia he wasn't "cool" enough and even referred to the Webring. As I wrote you yesterday Bob, I feel REALLY sorry about that!

I asked Bobn if he wanted me to post something about it, but he refused referring to the people at Craig's being too narrow-minded. Nevertheless this sarcastic beast can't shut up. So

Dear Craig and helpers,
Maybe it would be intresting if you judge people's applications and you find information to read this information as well. At the mainpage of the Anti-Bob-Gentry-|Mafia was written that I 'actually like Bob's blog and that it all 'was just fun'. Personally do you think I would put ANY EFFORT into a site and my hate for it, if I didn't like the site? Did it EVER HAPPEN to you to think about the relationship HATE - LOVE? Yes they are really close, and that was written all-over the webring!

Did you ever check out my blog, 'My waisted life'? I don't think so because you would have gotten the sarcasm in the whole fuzz. By the way you even didn't have to look to far, because it was written in the subtitle that I like Bob's blog. I admire how Bob fights for his dream and think that such a 'friggin' fighter' would be the perfect employee for any company. Yeah he goes for!

One more thing, Craig & co. you really pissed me off and don't worry I won't do you the favour of starting an 'Anti-Craig's-List-Mafia'. If it ever might happen to you to get some visits out of this post, I consider them already being 'waisted' clicks, since I lost every single respect for you ! Yep Bob is cool, you aren't! I think I've put enough of my time into your topic now !

Bob I am really sorry for this happening. *shame*

Visit Bob Gentry's Journal !


(DON'T click on read more, there IS NOTHING MORE TO READ!)

Monday, November 21, 2005



Shit happens

Everything went into that strange kind of slow motion which happens at times like this. I thought, Fuck Me, I'm gonna get shot - and in Peckham! So much for the romance of crime.

It happened quick, but I remember everything. His hand went up high and then started coming down to get a bead on me. I started dodging. The gun levelled at my head and I thought, Not the ehad! Then he aimed lower and I thought I'm gonna get it in the gut! Then lower still until he seemed to be aiming at my balls, and I thought, No! Not the fucking nuts! I thought, Jump, madbull, jump, and I tried to leap over the bonnet of a parked car. Just as he shot me.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Society and beauty :: Generation X sucks

1991, a Canadian writer, Douglas Coupland publishes his first book. The book becomes a generation-bestseller and even gives it a name :: Generation X.

Struggles like climbing a ladder you don't want to be on, a ladder to nowhere. The pain and futility of directionlessness. Of self-exile in foreign environments. Of McJobs. The fear of failure. The fear of success. The search for meaning or justification or narrative. The resignation to a life (and society) without that meaning. (Part of a review at

But there is more. Sex and the City took over, when the same Generation turned into their thirties. What is this all about actually. In the last days several online-conversations I had reminded me about the 'importance of being beautifull' nowadays (@ Oscar Wilde :: sorry for the Copyright-violation).

People who might have meet me online at Blogexplosion's Shoutbox might know I used to be a bartender. Yes, I worked more then 10 years of my life in dandy bars, shaking great cocktails or in popular clubs, flirting non-stop with my 'audience'. Being a bartender I was surrounded by loads of smooth-looking colleagues and even more goodlooking babes. This was the hardest part off the job. I liked the way of living, but wasn't into this 'handsomeness' that ruled everything. Your looks are great, nice you are the one I am gonna flirt with tonight!

My parents always told me that beauty comes from peoples attitude, personality and not from their (bought) looks. But the media still try to make us believe something else, actually have they ever done anything else?

So back to my last days. There was off course the date my colleague had, some/different conversations at the BE-shoutbox about templates (designer-blogs) and b(o)(o)bies ( also here) and some pics off my ex-girlfriend I've shown in a conversation (click for solo and click for together with her sister).

After you have checked out those two last pictures, you will understand what this post is about. How did this bloke get such a awesome looking girlfriend ?

Well that's what I have been wondering all the time as well. Actually Lisa (my ex) had more then only a beautifull body. The first time she came to the bar where I worked I hardly noticed here, but only some evenings later when she was kidding/teasing a guy I realized that she had a nice sense of humour. She was a genuine sarcastic bitch, the way I like them. That evening we started talking and we stayed together a little more as one year. During my whole barcareer I never dated someone as goodlooking as her. My colleagues always toke of with the handsome barflies. I have never been jealous about them, since I dated the beautifull women, women with something in their head, something else as just brands and the latest fashion magazines. Oh yes, I admit I like fashion as well and also like watching at women. In that way I might occasionally discover some intresting persons. Read the eyes !

I also discovered some good blogs lately :: you like reading politics, check this guy out ! He's good and kicks Ass! You like goodlooking woman who know how to use their charme, but still have to tell us something, click here! And my favourite is *** *** ***, yes that was a link!

Fucking hell, those were two serious non-biting post in only some hours. I did't like to kick the post of my colleagues date of from the top-spot, but I urgently had to get rid of this. So check it out as well.

Who needs the real live ?

Yeah, we've got the internet and it is a nice thing to have. It can definetely help our lives, a lot of people discovered that lately. So did a colleague of mine as well. He's a sysadmin and we live in the same building. Just like me he has been outsourced to Brighton and our employer took care of the renting place, so we didn't have to look for one. Occasionally he comes over to my place, well actually almost daily. He has been working at American Express now for almost 2 years and really enjoys it, something I don't understand, but that's another story.

Suffering of the huge amount of working hours and the stress, some weeks ago he registered at an online dating service. Actually he seemed to be quite popular because after only some days he started to IM daily with some chick, webcam activated. He was very proud of the use and possibilities of the Internet and soon started loosing himself in it. Every night he came to tell me about her.

(yes, there's more to read)

Even not one week after they 'meet' he told me that she would come to visit him and that he really liked her. I was very calm and relaxed about the whole thing and just told him that I would be there for him when it didn't work out. The last weeks a lot of drama has been going on, they have been bitching loads of times at each other, had online arguments, sad feelings and she almost dayly told him she wasn't coming. Lately even a female colleague became part of the whole thing and she spoke/wrote to her dayly as well, actually the online date asked for her all the time. But due to the intervention of 'really adult people', they still planned to meat eachother.

Some days ago I went over to his place, because I needed something for a computer and interrupted him in the middle of some drama. He was argueing with her coming or not. She was supposed to come yesterday and he got more and more excited eevery day last week. I heard her saying that she didn't want to come anymore, at least not till monday when our female colleague was back in Brighton. Huge scandal and loads of jealousy filled his living room and I could feel the electricity in the air.
I finally saw her online for the first time. But actually I didn't care either and never looked at his new desktop background, featuring her in a nurse dress. Oh I think I forgot to tell you that he is 37 years young. Yes life goes fast. My first reaction when I saw her was :: 'Damn bad camera she's using' and my second was 'Holy shit, this can't be true'.

Now don't get me wrong, I am definetely not the person who cares a lot about the physical appearances of people, they will hardly help me judge a person, but SHE was genuinely ugly. I got shocked, especially since he is quite smooth-looking and a funny guy as well. But who cares, his problem. Going truough his stack of hardware, looking for that one PCI-card, I heard there dialogue in the background. They were just that loud, I couldn't ignore them He was mentally at his end and almost crying. Hearing this I just 'shouted' :: tell that bitch to come over here and not behave like a kindergarten-member. Yes I do care about him, because I have to work daily with him and don't like it when people play with others feelings.

BLING ! I hit the bullseye there. She obviously heard me and started a new drama, telling him that a cunt like me shouldn't get involved into his life, he shouldn't listen to me and blahblahblah. I finally found what I was looking for and took off. The next day he told me about her reactions after she left :: now she didn't want to come at all anymore, being surrounded by assholes like me. Who gives a fuck, I answered him. You see what you got, for weeks she has been playing with you. I always warned you and told you I'ld be there for you when she doesn't show up. He agreed on that and after speaking a little (at that time I was online as well with a swedish bitch) he understood that he shouldn't care that much.

But yesterday she came. The funny part was this morning. After having been online way to long, especially been in IM waaayyyyy too long I went to sleep last night at 06.00AM and he woke me up this morning at 10.00. Bloody bastard! He wanted to speak to me. Being pissed off about having to get up that early I almost sent him over here but then I remember that getting up meant coffee! Actually he told me that she arrived last night and they went to have a drink together. He sent her back home this morning, because she was really badlooking. I liked that one.

Please wait a little with comments about good or badlooking, this post was only about the funny situation :: internet dating versus real life *winks*.
I will publish a post about the handsomeness of bodies in the next days.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Comments :: love & haite

I have been blogging for almost two months now and have had loads of fun so far. I am sure I will continue having fun doing it, but I wanted to thank all of you who already spent here some seconds, minutes or even longer. And my special thanks go to all the people who already commented here.

I have not always been the best 'answerer' on comments and I am not the best, most loyal commenter here. You'll get my opinion whenever I feel like, if you like it or not, but I won't comment at your blog because you left me a comment. I will visit your blog and eventually come back that's sure. If your lucky you might even end up in my links and I'll read you daily. But today I want to thank, review some of the best/worst comments I've had so far.

  • ' I wonder if they're real... I didn't see any scars, but some surgeons are really good.', by Bonanza Jellybean, 11.16.05 - 04:02 on 'Boobies :: Finally - Part 2'.
    You sound like having some experience or are you being traumatized ? Show us if the job was well done. ;)

  • (yep, click it there's more to read)
  • I love those.... wonder why mine don't look like that?, by PureMood, 11.15.05 - 16:42 on 'the same boobies'.
    I guess that must be because you shake them to much in commets, my dear.

  • Is wasted purposely spelled wrong? Just wondering, by Eric Kephas, 11.16.05 - 19.12 let's just stick this one in the 'general', or 'waisted category'.
    Hmmm, that's a tough one, let me guess :: you are blond I bet bleached. Yeah, you definetely must be one of those dumb blondies. Wait, I just realized I might be wrong on that one, actually you can't be THAT blonde, I mean totally-platinum-blonde since you managed it to read the second word on this blog. Wohoooo great performance.
    Keep coming back to this blog and read every day a word more... best is to write them down, just to make sure you will not forget the ones you already know. After some days you will have built a phrase. In the phrase you might find the solution.
    Please come back in case off more and even worse problems. I will try to help you.

  • WTF, where is the guessing part ?, by Charles, 11.15.05 - 09:50 on 'Tagged :: WTF, keep the traffic going'.
    Charles, guess *rolls eyes*

  • its really hard to comprehend your muddled english, so I have no clue what your problem is, but if you're gonna start calling my boyfriend gay then take me off your links. thanks, by Carrie, 11.15.05 - 23:55 on 'Tagged :: WTF, keep the traffic going'.
    Don't worry bout it Carrie. Calm down, take a deep breath. Yes, once more please... and again. After having done this 10 times you can come to collect your free chocolat and 2 xanax daily.

  • Off the topic though; did you change a bigger font, or am I just NOT drunk this time visiting it - because I can actually read your posts..., RockyJay, 11.12.05 - 16:11 on 'Bitches reviewed'
    .Hey RJ, you are definetely drunk, or you have a problem with your proxy-server. There is NO way you could have read this. Did I post Ass-pictures ??? Did I ??? Well ???
    BTW, thanx for the black Amex.

  • LOL What were you doing messing about with beer? Stick to the vodka, that'll level you off, or at least stop you from caring about the relative legibility of font-sizes., dorna!, 11.13.05 - 16:14 on 'Bitches reviewed'.
    I'ld wildly guess you had WAAAYYYY too much of vodka at your birth. Just hand over that bottle here and stop whining. Who the fuck has been speaking about the legibility of pixels ? A pixel is a pixel. Btw if your really drunk and see triple, take the lil' thing in the middle.

  • Anybody want some penis pills or a 60GB APPLE IPOD TOTALLY FREEEEEEE!!! ...kidding. and Bitchin' blog, by the way, man., both Ryan, 11.13.05 - 22:45, on 'Bitches reviewed'.
    Most stupidiest spomment soo far. You gotta swallow those pills and NOT lay them on your tongue. By the way, ya discovered me bitchin' hard time ? WTG and fuggin' don't use my cyberspace anymore. Or become baldheaded & shave that blond hair away, yes also the curly ones.

    Gee that's a lot of work... I might actually consider just to reply more often to my comments. :-)

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Boobies :: Finally - Part 2

    Some days ago I made a big error and posted that this blog would stay b(_)(_)bie-free. After this post I started having a hard Time a my favourite BotB. Personally I thought that the quality of my posts had improved, especially the last two ones. But since the battles might also be taken as an advice, I decided today to put on a nice picture of b(_)(_)bies, or at least a link to one, because the size of it is to big to fit in the template, and I definetely DON'T want to resize it, because I also like b(_)(_)bies.

    Just click to finally see b(o)(o)bies here

    (no there's nothing more to read)

    Tagged :: WTF, keep the traffic going

    If I would never have been a nice guy or written about my trend-addiction I would have felt really annoyed if no one had thought about me after almost two months of blogging. But finally it happened. Finally I can tell everyone that I am part of the officia blogospheree :: I got TAGGED!. It all happened last night and really helped me survive the last hours of a drunk sunday. I felt that glad. BTW what is it actually about ???

    If I understood well you want me to post a collection of true facts and lies, 20 in total about me. I mean 20, like in twenty ? Is this one of those things like 100 things ??? One of those things to fill my blog with. But didn't those 100 things have to be true ?

    Woowww, I don't get it anymore, but lets just blame the gin again. So to make it short, you have given me some aid to fill my blog in case off a blogglock (has this already been patented btw, i dont think so). Cool you're such a nice guy. But imagine, I already tried once to fill my blog and participated at a social operation, called Who Am I?.

    I bet now you're wondering what is that social bout having a profile and some more stuff about you? Well now it is easy to find and I don't need to bother bout it anymore. If you click on that little about me-link you will find some more links. One of them is 100 Things about me :: 1-25. Yeah there are some sequels planned, but they are on my To-Do-List.

    And if I REALLY understood everything perfectly, then people will start guessing and write all their guesses down in the comment and I will have to check it and choose a winner ? Gee, sounds complicated to me, why not immediately deliberate and design Tickles Tapeworm as the winner. YES, I feel this is going to be a real lovestory. Tickles, I reeaaaally like the colours of your blog, do they tell me something about you ???

    What I really like about this tagging-stuff is that I have to tag 5 other people and spread the disease forward. Fuck am I a traffic-generator or something like that ? But here we go, I know you girls won't like it, but at least you'll have something to bitch about :: Bonanza jellybean, lysie6211, Zubegirl, JustDawn, Bloggin' Bizatch. But since I suspect you girls have already been tagged before I would like to see your guys have a guestpost and write those damn 20-things about you. That makes definetly more fun. And lysie6211 I am sure that RockyJay can take care of it for you.

    (don't you think you've read enough)

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Bitches reviewed

    Time again to do some reviewing. Sadly but true our new guestposter bloggerminator couldn't make it this morning since he drunk waayyyy too much last night and became the victim of some bitches. Bitches who might make us life hard in a short future. Bitches working on an odd plan. After the reviewing and overloud bitches now a bitch'ed lifestyle-advice for us to come ? Hmmm... don't know if that's such a good idea.

    But having said this, let's go for some reviewing of a male Bitch, also called ASSHOLE and have a look at the Thunderdome-Lord Dave @ Maximum Awesome. Equipped with a bottle of Tanqueray Ten, loads of Ice cubes and not too much of Tonic we stare at the black background of this blog. The design is sober, a not too bright navigation bar at the left, good for a drunk like me. There is an area for First-Timers, sounds good :: sexual advice written by a frustrated and desperate drunk. I am even not writing something bout Dave to argument this judgement, since I hung out there a little more, and know this one is true. Ok Dave you shag a lot, true, but also this year ?
    Anyways, I just don't click on it, as my days as a first-timer belong to the past.

    (yes there's something hidden after the readmore!)

    Hey what do I see there :: "Twelve hours of beer" ! It's getting better all the time, or should I continue my gin. Hmmmm beer against gin ?!?! OK lets check if I got enough of beer in the fridge for a 12-Hour beeraton. Damn only 5 beers, I will have to go the the liquor store. Nah 5 are OK for a start, but I just don't want to be a softie, only drinking 8% of the the Beeraton-time. Let's stick to my Tanqueray, at least that bottle will last me almost 3 hours. Actually it's time to fill up my glass again. :=)

    Cool I see you keep a to-do list. I love to-do lists, everytime something I don't like has to be done I put it on my to-do list, to make sure I will never do it! Or stick it on a post-it-note till I get bored of moving that post-it all the time and just shred it. Fuggin' hell, Dave I see you just wrote a book-review. Ya scared me, didn't know you were planning to become an intellectual :rolleyes:
    Luckily everything got back on track when I read that most exciting for you was to realize that you could really have beaten up Lindros. Yay that's how I like ya.

    Bye the way got a small question on your blog ? Where's your counter ? Are you really that ashamed to show us ? If, like you say a blog is/should be personal and you don't care about how many people read it, WTF do you care about pagerank then ? Do you need to be found or be on top of google if it is personal ? *uups got sidetracked and was reading your tipps*

    Let's go back to the mentally tormented stuff. Or was it tormenting? Wooowww, got some cool friends over there Dave, soul-collectors! If they get bored or die, why don't ya send them over to me... hehe... *Damn gettin' waaayyyyyyy too dunrk... gunne fntinuer tomooozzzzzZZZZ.

    Spank a bitch !

    To whom it might concern & Z-Girl ::



    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    My computer loves blogs

    Since quite some weeks I spend reading and moaning about blogs. Yes, actually I love the whole-blogging world. As you, dearest BotB-reader are reading this now, I am sure of your blog being one off the greatest I have ever seen. Imagine, I might even have read it and who knows commented it. But...

    One is sure :: I HAVE DEFINETLY VOTEN FOR YOU !!!

    Oh yeah, I did vote for you & at least for times ! To be really honest, I just have to see your thumbnail at BotB and I feel becoming weak. Almost fainting.

    Oh I even don't have to check the other blog, it's Him/Her... no doubt... I know who is gonna get my vote. From the first time I have seen your wonderfull layout, I started voting for you and never stopped anymore. I am still clicking.

    Btw could someone explain me why there is this blue box telling me "This battle doesn't exist anymore" ???

    (click on it this time)
    Most of time I even see the message "You must review" both blogs before voting", since I just saw your blog in a battle and went straight to vote for you.
    Damn I really have too give my boss a call. What a lovely blog I discovered. Btw I really love the pictures of those stripping boobies is your header. WTF is your blog actually about?

    OK, enough of daily BotB-bitchin'. As i started my last entry I wasn't really thinking of shuttingdown this blog or committing blogicide. No I just thought it would have been funny to review my own blog, being the greatest and most annoying blog-reviewer in the whole blogiverse. Being the ©bloggerminator, a new term I officially claim by those. No worries, you will read more of this crap. And don't moan or cry if I ever might pick your blog. Just learn some html, or something else in that case.

    Yes, I admit it, I like playing, playinmg in every way. I guess I am just an ASSHOLE and actually proud of it. :rolleyes:

    Lately it happens more & more to virtually fall in love with some bloggers, but more about that a next time. Stay blogged.

    Boobies - finally

    Yes also here it's all about boobies since a while. But,


    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    This blog is boring :: it sucks

    Finally it was time to review some blog and not knowing which one to start with, I just picked that Belgian bloke and his waisted life.

    OK, let's start with the author :: You think you're a hunk don't you? Well you're not. You'ld rather go for some plastic surgery, but oh my God do you have enough of money for all the work that needs to be done ? That's gonna be expensive. Having a closer look at your profile I wonder if you are aware of that you have no past, intrests or anything else. Where do you come from? Mars? OK let's not become to personal.

    When I first saw the template of the site, I didn't know what to think. Yeah surely you know how to make a slimline design, good job for a css-template, but fuggin' hell is this boring. Can it be possible that so far not one singular person has told you about the existence of several, actually loads of, different colours. I hope your life is not as boring as your template. Because in that case I will be gone fast. By the way, get that ugly picture of the net, it hurts...

    OK after having struggled trough this huge collection of links - gee, where do you find time to read all this shit - I finally found your archive. You're quite a blogrookie, aren't you. In your first post you state us that this will become a crappy-blog, I'll have to keep this in mind for the finale. You guide us trough several "I didn't really know what to write, so just took some topic"-articles. Some funny, other boring. You seem to be very unstable, but can't hook me enough to come back regularly, since your topics are just as unstable and different as you are. You dream of getting laid, I am sure it has been a long time ago for you. Just take my advice, don't dream too hard, first get this surgery done. I know it will take quite some time, but you might love the result and finally have a shag again. Actually have you already meet a woman in love, I mean with less than 300 miles inbetween the two of you and less than 4 or 5 computers inbetween. I admit I liked are the pictures of Kate Moss, at least something seems to have a bit of quality over here.

    Moving on through your waisted life, I always think more and more that your life isn't waisted, but my time over here and also the free-cyberspacee your using. Yes you bitch quite a lot about other blogs, but having had a closer look at yours I am sure nobody will take you serious. They'll just think look at his own blog. I wouldn't even think about you, but that's another story... lol.

    Gee, I really wonder why I spend that much of time reading this. Yeah I admit it is one of the nicest grammar- and spelling error-collections I've ever seen. Does the word proofreading say something to you ? I bet not. So let's just make it short and painfull :: this blog isn't crappy, but crap. Your blog, and not your life, sucks. You'ld better stop blogging. Hope I don't see this blog anymore while blogsurfing.

    WTF :: 06:08

    Jesus Christ ! I live in a building with approximatively 18 flats, don't ask me exactly how many others are living here because I am not interested in knowing it. Most important is that my rent isn't to high and I live in the city-centre. Sounds great, doesn't it. Well that's what I thought as well. Till today. That damn fuggin' alarm woke me up at 06::08 !

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Cured - no poem - no BotB

    Yep that was it

    it's over now

    it was all that promising

    one addiction less
    -don't know if that is such a good thing either-

    won't do it anymore
    no more

    it's over

    i loved you


    i hate you
    get out of my life

    you won

    i surrender
    at least i don't have to be afraid of your claims
    we made no deals

    but still

    you've hurt me
    sunk my life deeper into my mysery
    my waisted mispeled life

    no more BotB's for me.
    Check out about me if you don't believe me!

    Gin, tonic & blogs

    Sitting here in front of the computer and nipping a lovely triple Gin with a single dash of Tonic, yeah I love it when a plan comes together and not too many icecubes melt in my drink. Surfing trough the blogging society. Doh, what an horrible html-design with even worse code... I am sure I need to put some more gin in my tonic. I feel this could become one of those "save my head sundays" tomorrow. I should really stop surfing blogs. Gee. Damn why the hell am I writing all this crap. I guess I am just pissed of because I haven't been bitching last 2 days... lol...

    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    Improve your health :: pic nose

    Now I hang quite often around at Maximum Awesome I occasionally find some good links presented by the people there. Yeah my life is definetely improving. And so will yours after you've read this. To ameliorate my phygologic state of mind and health, I immediately planned an appointment with that doc, i nthe hope off having a better future. I really look forward to have a "treatment-plan" and maybe annoy my world less in the future. :D

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Future of blogging :: podanimals

    A new future for the blogging society will slowly make his way trough the internet in the next weeks, months. It all started with people posting their diary online. After a while several blogs became professional and dealt specific topics. It didn't take a long time and their were podcasts, audioblogs. In between those different steps of bloggin'evolution we saw the birth of computerized and typing animals, publishing their blog. After scientifists discovered that mice can sing I am sure it won't take long before we will see the surrection of podanimals, animals with audiologs. The world is saved...

    Again NO

    My neighbours some years ago

    For some years I moved to a penthouse in Cologne, Germany. It was a lovely neighbourhood. Most of the houses where at least a yearhunderd old and had high ceilings and windows, letting a lot of light in.

    I was living there since 4 weeks now and the house in front of me was standing empty. I didn't really wanted people to move in, but from my window I could see into the house. It was a nice warm summer evening as I was sitting in front of the window and nipping a glass of red wine, St-Estephe, Bordeaux 1998 to be precise. Surprisingly I saw light inside of the house in front...

    I saw a young couple arranging their sleeping room in the house. They had a really nicelooking sleeping room, very stylish. So finally someone moved in this week. The bed was the central point and enormous. It stood in the middle. Suddenly I saw how the man kissed his partner very passionately. I couldn't keep my eyes from them anymore. She was very goodlooking, long curly brown hair and her thight summerdress didn't leave that much of imagination open. She was having an awesome figure. But he was also rather handsome, and I got really intrested in what could happen.

    They seemed both very crazy about eachother, since they looked very impassionate. She took off his shirt and his pants. He was standing there just in his underwear. He was caressing very copiously her breasts. This made her push her body even more against his. Finally he undressed her and I saw her very beautifull breasts. She wore just a black string anymore. He lay her down on the bed and started to kiss her breasts. Slowly I also started to become excited. I put down my glass of wine and leant backwards in my chair. I was definetly enjoying it.

    His lips slid always more downwards and with his teeth he removed the g-string and started to lick her. She reared up from passion, took her breasts in her hands and started to caress them. He kissed and licked her more and more passionately. I couldn't deal with it anymore and started to touch myself.

    They were fully into it now. He got up and immediately she ripped off his nickers. The result of licking her was obvious :: his dick was standing up and right. She took him and directed him inbetween her legs. He penetrated her quickly and poked her hard. I started to enjoy this every mminute more. My mouvements where becoming faster and faster.

    They changed positions and she kneeled in front of him. He took her from behind and poked her hard. Her breasts were wiggling everytime he pushed. It made me randy as hell. My pants were unbuttoned now and I was breathing heavily. I noticed how the lust took part of my whole body. I wasn't that far from a climax away anymore when I hear her cry out and saw how they reared up. My hand was moving very fast now and I climaxed before she had ended shouting. My body was shaking. It was my first orgasm since quite some time, since I was single and had just moved to Germany. The couple was fallen asleep in eachother arms. I enjoyed their presence in our neighbourhood. A few weeks later they came to visit me at the bar where I worked.

    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    Work, still love and hate

    Hmmm... sitting here at my desk and being really pissed off. After a series of really short nights and a real bad wake-up this morning, I arrived at work. Not being the most agreable person in the mornings, especially not before the third cup of extra-strong-coffee, I logged into the network and found a message :: please go to the supervisors office. My first thoughts were obvious :: WTF ???

    Still being in an under-coffeinated condition, I grabbed my cup of coffee and went to see the boss. I admit my doorknocking must not have been the nicest one all times and the answer was appropriate. A heavy and aggressive Yes welcomed me to open the door. My head still somewhere else as in a human world, I trapped the door slightly and dropped in my perfect morning-mood half of my coffee on the floor. Yes the settings got created and it was were perfect ones for my mood. I didn't see why I had to go to the office, in a state of stay-out-of-my-neighbourhood feeling - the usual one before that third cup of coffee - and bitched at my supervisor :: Yeah, what's up this time, what have I done know to have to come over here ?

    Actually I tried to be nice - lol -, but just shocked my boss. There was still the "assistant stuff" hanging around and I was totally aware of this. My boss had a penetrating look at me and continued staring for almost two minutes without saying anything. We were still waiting for the electicity to start electrocuting something. He started speaking slowly, in a perfect way to upset me even more, by calling me by my surname. I love it being called Sir...

    Now I was really pissed off. Actually he just wanted to tell me that I had to check some offers for the hardware-upgrade we planned. Yep, I am totally unagreable in the mornings.

    Btw, there's nothing more to read, am just too lazy to change the template. Might do it one day.