Friday, December 30, 2005

There Is No Such Thing As Society

Some days ago I was reading the story of a Guns 'n Roses Bassist. It actually made me giggle quite a lot, even more I 'publicly' stated my 'groupieship'. But got rejected.

Daily I have been checking his reaction on this burning flame. Hoping for a new internet drama to start. Today I realised that they do not care but that I am just another victim.

Checking again today if some new gossip might have been created by him I realized I really suffer from my 'popularity'. Never he has given a damn bout me and linked to his fan. He never wanted to waste some pixels of his expensive cyberspace. Nor did she. And I really suffer from it. Especially today I realised how hard it is to deal with not being on their linklists, blogrolls. In a violent and repulsive way he let me know what I am good for. It all happened today. Fucking hell. What did I do ? I just hoped... that one day... Oh forget about it, he just tagged me.

I am sure, if I had been on his linklist I wouldn't suffer from thishave to go trough al this now. But actually since I like tags and memes that much, I decided to start my own meme, rather then answering those 4 things.

1. What do you think of memes and tags
I hate it that people try to tell me what I have to blog about. Most of time I even consider having better content to fill this (free) waiste of space as the stuff that is dealt with in tags.

2. But honeslty what do you really like about them.
OK, I admit there is one thing I like about memes and tags. If you are smart and participate to the system you will tag blogs that don't have you on their blogroll yet. Hoping that they will participate it might will improve your popularity. Isn't it all about having the best blog and technorati ?

3. How do you feel when someone tags you.
I do not really enjoy it. Of course it is nice to realize that someone has been thinking of you and your blog, Even might want to know something more about what you do/like and not. But sometimes I just think 'ok they didn't know whom else to tag'. Yeah a lot of memes I have already seen them a thousands of times and only therefor I might not participate at the meme/tag, just to be one out of the 9 millions, one who doesn't do it. But everytime someone tags me, I will try to come up with some post, built around the tag, not to ignore that person. People tend to suffer from rejection note to myself :: haven't you forgotten some links here). It's all about participating to the system and liking blue more then red or ?

4. Do you annoy tag other people with the meme ?
It all depends. Most of time the meme gets lost in my post anyway and I do not really like to impose people something I didn't like so it rarely happens that I tag other bloggers. Altough when I think having found a nice 'turnover' for the meme I might tag other ones. But mainly it depends on my mood.

Since this is a first try and definitely the last one to start something I will tag some people. Mainly people I do not know from if they do tags or not. I read all those blogs since quite some time already and actually have not seen any memes over there yet, so this meme might die just as soon as it got created as well. Victims are Annie, Miss Ann Thrope (with new look), BJ (again), Fidget and Biologisvensk (yes some of those people already link to me).

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Maybe I might not get one award this year. Not that I planned winning one, but I could as well get 4. Yes, the italk2much weblog awards go in their final stage. Not best blog, best daddy or biggest and fastest knitters blog this time. No political best opinionated person, best lovers blog or just best blog of all. No you have selected me for

* Blogwhore :: at least I got readers and that only after 3 months. LMFAO.
* Dramaqueen :: k, I admit some people are very hurt and don't like everything. Thanks, at least I can sleep at night. Sadly I still miss some dramaqueens here, although I did my best.
* Ignorant asshole :: if you still didn't get that, well I guess you are the dumbfuck of the year.
* Douchebag :: erm... ok I had thought that mango was more appropriate for this award, but admitted dumb cunt sounds better for you Mango and I would have had no chance against you if we were both in the same category.


Thank You. Yes I enjoy fun and believe it or not, I even submitted myself for one category (no not blogwhore) and will vote for myself as well (yes I am a computer nerd, there might even be tricks because I wanna win). At least I had guts, not like you (yes, I nominated you) , you and you. Pathetic idiots with your even dumber club.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Momentary lapse of reflexion

Pre post :: this is a moment of reflexion about this blog and no worked post, move on if it annoys you, thank you-

/reflexion Mode ON
Why am I doing this ? I have been blogging since more then 3 months now and wrote more as 100 posts already. My blog has had nice periods with nice visitors numbers, up to 230/daily and lots of posts had around 20 comments each. Did I enjoy it ? Yes I surely did. Did I have fun. Yes, definately. Was it what I wanted ? No not 100%. First I got problems with my job. Second I got a number of dumbfucks commenting here. Third well I don't know, but I surely 'flattened' my level, my public thoughts. This blog should have been something like sarcasm and my own fun. Also some of my 'comedy' friends from Germany have been watching. What happened ? Some day this blog turned into a 'Battle of the Blogs' satire and people liked it. Yes I admit it was fun writing those jokes, but... Did I make an error ? Where they too 'flat' ? Was it too much of slapstick ?Did I become too soft ? Where was the 'spanking' in those posts ? Why did people not realise that it was all meant to be 'rougher' ? Were it my writing 'skills' who abandonned me for a while ? How come I suddenly had a 'fanclub' ? Was it because I hung out often at the Shoutbox and was nice there ? Yes my behaviour in communities is most of time different from my person. If I am new, I will check the atmosphere and change, like a perfect chameleon, my behaviour. I will become one of them, an error I make all the time. Luckily this doesn't happen to me IRL. But online, I always need quite some time to become 'myself'. Once I get more snarky and less 'acceptable' to everything I see, well you see the flies drop. And so did happen to this blog. I pissed some people of, only a few days after other people called me the new 'Godfather'. Well bad luck, this is how I am, how much I like groups. You see the problem is in groups humans become sheep. And I just hate sheep. Don't you have an individuality ? Sorry. Go for a walk and look for your person. But to be honest, actually I really am a nice guy. Just people who know me know that I won't shuttup and I am glad I don't. I am myself. Madbull. A 'sharp' non-bitter but rough person. Someone who is surviving since more then 30 years. Someone who made quite some ennemies, just because he is honest... /reflexion Mode OFF

And now go visit my renter A Journey across the Pond. Even if you don't like reading, although it IS worth it, go over there and check out his template. Gigotti, I hope you have 'nice holidays'.

Edit after first comment.
After having read the first comment (thank you gigotti) I want to make something clear. I have a good life, I enjoy life and I really enjoy my plans for next year. It is just... erm, the past made me 'hate' human beings. Animals calling themselves 'humans'. Who are we to say we are smarter actually ? No I just hate all those hypocrites who forget to build an own opinion. I have never been a person who 'looks' for friends. Friendship grows, it is a thing you can't 'push', it just happens. If you all read (or have read it) this post you understand life is a 'shield up situation' for me. And I like it like that. But at least I look at myself in the mirror when I get out of bed, and think 'who is that guy'. And at the end of the day, most of time, I go to sleep in peace... in peace with myself. How many people take this time for themselves, this time for reflexion and enjoy the same peace ?

Monday, December 26, 2005

2006 :: WTF ?

Not liking memes, or doing what everyone already has done, this year I might be one of the first ones. WTF am I going to do in 2006. Yes I have some plans. Some plans I will realize next year and they are really important to me.

Next year I am going to go back to my first professional love and work as a bartender again. I will change the country therefore and leave the United Kingdom for the United President, er no for the United States. I am finally gonna stabilize in a matter of 'living place' well at least for 2 or 3 years. What I will do after those is still open, whether I'll go to a frosty country whether to a 'hot' cosmopolitan town in Europe.

I will continue blogging, and not only piss of people IRL but also in cyberlife. No worries I enjoy it. I enjoy being honest, honest to myself and not playing the hypocrite. My blogging plans include a new blog I started yesterday. At Blog templates, help and tricks I am going to share some of the website knowledge I gathered over the years. As well I plan setting up a new media platform. I hope selling my knowledge as well and making new professional websites, with integrated SEO. I might even offer designs.

Eventually I might even try to become a nice 'bloke' next year, but I don't make myself any illusions. Chances I'll piss you of are still high, very high even. I don't plan getting a life, amazingly I already got one. Eventually I might have a 'social' life next year, but again I don't dream.

I will do my best of being a 'more regular' commenter at other blogs, but am afraid that 'best' might not take more then 2 days. I hope in those days I am not offline. But I will still read your blog. I will finally get a new headset. And above all, I will not write any... ooopppssss I thought having more good plans for next year.

Well yes there is one more, but that one stays for me and someone else. Someone else, don't get skerred, you know everything about it.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas - watch out personal and long post !

Most people are now having a nice meal and hanging out with family. Presents have been unpacked and everyone is in a great mood. When I was young and still lived with my parents, we organized yearly the Christmas meal. I have never really liked the Christmas period, even not as kid.

My parents gave me a 'nice childhood', but a hard one as well. Every man in our family has worn a uniform. One grandfather was sniper, the other instructor for the Belgian elite troops. Yes they have them, even if there might only be 80 soldiers in the squad, they still have elite troops. My father is his son. My father became cop and was soon captain. After a short career in the regular 24/7 rotation, he went undercover. A few years later he was national president of the Police Union. And then there was the Marc Dutroux scandal in Belgium. This promoted my father to internal affairs, as an expert for the police reformation in Belgium. Oh I have forgotten that he was the youngest captain in Belgian police history. Can someone please tell me where and when this guy should have learned to love ???

This guy set the climate at our place. A smooth and really hard working father, who had never learned or been allowed to show any emotions. This really suffocated me at home. I was deeply unhappy, but really respect my parents. More even, I love them. As soon as I 'had the occasion', so when I was officially adult I left home. Before I had been 'allowed' to jump one year at high school, smart bloke that was I, and as a result I was even not allowed to 'do something' when I got my A-Levels, very good A-Levels even. I got them 2 weeks before my 17th birthday.

Of course everything was set for me to become the youngest police agent in Belgium and so on. Surprisingly -did I have a choice- I even followed the track and really became the youngest cop in Belgium. My father had 'arranged' an exception allowing me to go trough the formation although I was officially too 'young', one year too young. 'Surprisingly' after one year of formation, I was a police agent. Again 2 weeks before my birthday. So I was even not allowed to carry a gun and had to 'take' 2 weeks of 'forced holidays'.

Soon I realized it was just not my world and left after only having been a cop for only 7 weeks. It was just not my 'cup of coffee'. When I was still at school I had started to work in a bar and this became my professional choice. I have always been a party type and soon became a Studio 54-style bartender. I love(d) the party and nightlife and believe me most of time I am the first one on the Bar, even before the guests start to party. People who have seen the movie '54' understand what I mean. This made me work every year during the holidays and I always enjoyed it. Not because of the parties who are most of time 'worse' during the holidays, but in this week of the year mainly because we just 'shuffled' money. We 'poor' people who had to work. Christmas never meant anything to me, anything more then real good money. Tips used to be up to the triple of usually. That's it.

I never met with my family, and will probably not in the next years either, for Christmas. But we all respect our decision and I hope my family has a nice day today. But this year, the first year I do not work for Christmas, mainly because since some months I have a job in a total different area, I experienced something new. I met someone a while ago. Together we share loads of time and speak openly about what occupies us. It is lovely. This is the nicest Christmas I ever had. For the first time in life I think experiencing something like Christmas. It is no religious thing for me, especially not since the bloke was born on another day. But it is something that goes really deep. Happy Christmas my love.

And to all the people who read this, mumm and dad I hope you also do, and especially some people I regularly 'hang out with' lately, merry Christmas to you as well.

I promise you that i MIGHT never write any this long posts anymore, and now go click on that little Image at the right. Yes that small 'camouflage' picture. Visit gigotti's blog. He is soldier and stuck in Iraq for Christmas ! Go visit him.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry holidays and blogically correct behaviour

I do not particularly like Christmas. I do not really like the United States of America either. Actually I likte the country and his people, as long as they do not participate in (international) politics. I did not agree with Iraq, but who am I.

Sadly in those days thousands of Americans, soldiers are in Iraq and can't really enjoy the Holidays. Loads of the soldiers might never have 'choosen' to 'defend the country', but needed a regular job. Now they are stuck in Iraq. I do not know what was Gigotti's motivation to join the Army, but he is one of the 'boys' over there. And today he is guestposting here at 'My Waisted Life'.

Since our friend the madbull has so graciously allowed me to rent some waisted space on his blog he would also like me to tell a little about my little known blog Journey Across the Pond. So, here we go : I started the blog in February of 2005 so I could chronicle my journey to Iraq and the train up that got me there. I have been thru some dumb shit since then, had haji's try blowing me up with an IED (roadside bomb), and learned how to survive in 130 degree heat. This is where you will find the truth, or at least my opinion of the truth about what is going on over here in this hell on earth since I am stuck here for 6 more friggin months. So if you are feeling interested,curious, or even bored outta your wits, go march on over and give that wasted space a click.

p.s. if you do go over and even feel froggy enough to comment for the love of beer do not post as anonymous! I promise not to call an airstrike on your house or sneak into your house in the middle of the night and roll a grenade under your bed if you leave nast comments.

So if you 5 who happen to occasionally read 'My waisted Life' haven't visited his blog yet, go click on that little picture in my sidebar, yes the one titled 'waisted credits', thanks for those credits gigotti :D, and leave him a comment for the Holidays.

PS :: Gigotti, sorry but I had to correct the way you wrote 'waisted'. Keep on trying ;).

And to finish the 'Merry Holidays' spirit something blogically correct for those days. Sorry for the file size tough.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

How courtesy would seem to cover sin!

Today, while I was at work I got in to a really nostalgic mood. Something strange happened to me. Since I had to work at the security department I could not surf online all the time. The 'security computers' have other configurations. While it was very quiet it even happened to me to grab a book. Yes a book and not an e-book, but a genuine, old-fashioned book. You know this bundle of pages with text printed on.

What to do with this item, what to do with a book? Off course you immediately judge it on his cover even before having a look at its content. Then you scan the whole book with the help of an OCR-software, before turning it into a PDF. After having done all this work you open the file and let a screen reader do the job. I use one that is programmed by my beloved payslip-editor since it is also compatible with Flash (more info here), but the main reason why I use this particular one is that I don't have to pay for it.
There is also a plug-in for Firefox. But so far for the manual on how-to-use-a-book.

Today I was reading some very 'intellectual and sophisticated' stuff, written by William Shakespeare. A master work of literature, or actually I was listening to all this. The title of the book :: Insults for the Office.

Yes I was in a good mood and wanted to make some new desktop-backgrounds. Since I know that some of my colleagues read this blog, I will not tell what quotes I stole from William S., but people who have ever read some of his work know that the effects will be witty.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Love it

Beautifull. Sitting here and only 4 colleagues on the working floor. They seem to have everything under control. This meaning I can surf blogs and flirt online. :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Finally holidays

I know it are 'the days' yet, but today when I had a look at the schedule at work I was living a really nice surprise. I noticed that all my favourite English cunts where having their last day of work. AmEx I love you. Finally I can live in freedom and peace at work, just being surrounded for the next two days by some 'students' anymore.

All the fucktards (credits to this sweetie) who think being the funniest nation will be gone. And thursday evening we (the left overs) are even allowed to work (monitor) from home. Yeah a break from dumbfucks (credits to another sweetie)... finally. They totally piss me off most of time those nerds. Yesw they are not just computer nerds, bur real nerds, socially unable to speak with someone longer as 10 minutes without starting about computers. A lot of them just need to get laid, but I guess that's the dream of every nerd isn't it?

Naturally there are also 'intellectuals'. They come in and find it morally unacceptable that a 'guy who tries to hack into our worldwide servers' not only gets tracked down by us, but we even have fun with those people once we localized them. No we should just hand them over to the cops once traced. You know what you fucking no-brainer :: if you hack into my computer and I discover it, you'ld better make sure there are no personal data stored on yours, and definitely no login data to your bank, because I will empty your account and everything will happen from your IP. What shall I do, let you browse, play with everyone's credit card details and wait till the cops or judges react ? No I will track you down and imagine how much fun I'll have when I noticce that you have an operating system installed. No matter which one, you will never forget why you got arrested. And trust me you will touch any computer anymore and not because the judge told you, but because someone was playing with the money you just thought having transferred into your account and everything you did just deleted one more file on your computer. Fuck drifting again.

Even the moralists, who think I should not listen to loud music at work or shave daily, are gone over the next days. Hope you locked your office. I think I still have that broken coffeemug somewhere.

I will especially like those days without english cunts, because they really got upset when I told them that I was not going to their 'lovely' hypocrit Xmas meal on thursday evening since I did not feel like sharing Xmas with them. Anyway I don't like Xmas but a nice bottle of wine paid by AmEx would definitely have been nice.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Life goes his ways

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

To whom it might concern :: get a life.

Christmas is approaching at a very high speed today. For the first time this year I realize it is almost time again for Christmas. Luckily -some people will think sadly- I am no Christmas-freak. What does it mean to me ? Hardly anything more as any other regular day, except for the fact that I don't have to leave home to work. During all those days I can just stay at home and work.

But again this year I noticed that the Holidays have huge impacts on people. Everyone seems to have lost the 'emotional control button'. OK, I admit a lot of people don't have such a button. In the last week I was regularly the witness of some 'real life drama'. People mainly considering that I don't have a life because I am 21/7 online, which is true. But I think still living a life, even if I usualy look at several screens, have multiple windows and desktops open or in the background. Huge parts of the day I spend in online-communities arguing and giving my 43cents on almost every single topic. I also read quite a lot of blogs. Lately I spent quite some time in a community where it was standard to pounce, hug, kick servers and always do the same without doing anything. I am afraid that a lot of people over there, especially those who think that I don't have a life got a totally wrong idea about me.

Everytime when I come somewhere I will check the clima and being a good bartender, just no active right now, I know that I am a perfect chameleon. I will chenge to the clima and atmosphere but still pound my eggs occasionally. People will think that I like them and not know how to behave when occasionally I am sarcastic. Those people, having a 'real life' always seem to enjoy to have a neutral, not opiniated atmosphere and as soon as a 'more dry' topic hits the atmosphere... DRAMA ! Politics, opinions, own opinions... all way to dangerous to speak about, no lets just continue hugging. But only online of course.

You know what is the funny part of this. I am over-opinionated, like 'arguing' and never pounce, hug or give flowers away. I never kick my computer, tackle other people or send them hearts all day long. Well maybe there might be one exception in life and that is my girlfriend. Actually I don't give a fuck about your emotions, but I would like to know your opinions. At least then we can argue. Yes I am not afraid of getting lost in a heated conversation. Nowadays having online arguments is 'custom'. Whining and expressing his/her sadness all day long over a smilie ( :( ) is just pathetic to me. But even if you whine IRL I will just not care about you. I can't stand people without self-esteem or without a brain. I want to see 'guts' around me, strong people. People who know what life is. Hugging all day long is definitely not life unless you life in some strannge after-68 community.

Call me wanker, bastard, asshole. I can deal with it and will not start crying and running away. No I might start playing 'smart ass' with you and will surely enjoy it. But to be honest I don't like 'victims' at all. I prefer 'challenges' and living a true life, a life with opinions.

Fuck I am drifting... But I don't feel working this post any longer -yes, lately I even started 'proofreading' my posts, but this one is just not worth it. Because you are all fake. The sad thing is that you are not only fake online, but even IRL you are not honest to yourself. One last word :: pathetic.

Oh yes, if you really want to know :: yes it happened one time in my whole 30 years that I cried over some emotions. I screwed up my longest relationship I had. She was worth it, really worth it. You.are.not.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Classified add

Huge brain required ...

*to read here*

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who is Tyler Durden ?

I had nothing. Every single catalog and newest fashion is ignored by me. My job could help me afford everything, but it is just a daily occupation. Yes I work for a major corporation and working there sucks. My living room is designed by my employer, or at least by an interiour specialist hired by him. My furniture... well my coffeetable can hold my feet and my glass of wine. My television has a remote control and moving pictures. My life... I am still alive.

Looking for something, something I didn't find I started writing. Blogging. And suddenly I realized there are other people experiencing the same. I am part of 'a club'. Every week the club grows. We join and meet. Some underground other publicly. We even break the first and second rule :: we speak about it. It goes over the whole world. A new sphere has risen. But how far will this go ? What will the power of bloggers be in the feature. Already several famous politic-critics have switched to the internet to publish, rant and attack. Economy (tricks) are getting explained in blogs nowadays. What's next ? NASA and CIA will have a blog instead of a 'website' ? Blahblah...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I confess...

I confess... having read THE funniest thing today...
I confess... being a twat...
I confess... being very proud about it...
I confess... being very impressed by you guys...

Sorry guys linking was too much of an effort. Am too lazy... Oh btw, comments won't even make it into my recycle bin, because there occasionally I have to recycle something... LMFAO.

Fuck that was a TAG !

P.S. :: Feel free to use this button if you'ld like to.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Last night someone 'kept me up' till something like 05.25 this morning. Actually nothing new for me and I definately enjoyed it. Sadly even not three hours later I had to get up again and start thinking off work. Exceptionally and this for the sixth working day in a row I was on time for the meeting.

BUT !!!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Beta version 0.89.3

Yes your eyes are not lying to you. I know immediately when you surfed to this site you were swearing and cursing because you only had an horrible looking beast and header in your screen. Maybe it might just mean it is time for a new graphics card or computer even. If you only see the header, you might realise that this design is not optimized for 800*600. This has actually been done on purpose since I don't want to bother you too much with my crap, you might have to read and could actually like it. So I thought why not give you a nice picture instead. The header might even be bearable enough to look 30 seconds at before you click to the next blog in rotation for 0.50 credits.

And now go nominating me for the I Talk Too Much Webawards 2005 !!!

Oh, before I forget it, maybe you have just seen the title of this post in your screen. Yes it is a beta-template-version of the XXX-Mas 2005 design. So changes might and will follow. Probably the version will go from Beta to version 1.4 if the roadmap doesn't change.

A night, a dream...

You're too far away
Too far away to touch
And this mother's love inside me
Hurts too much
Prettily waving
Playing on the sand
Dreaming of everything
Dancing in our hands

Dizzy dizzy dizzy
As I speak
Like a tumbling cat
I watch in fascination
Like a vampire bat
Don't do it don't do it
Don't do it don't do it
Don't give it away
We'll use it up tomorrow
If we don't use it today

Rest your head
Oh just put it outside
All wrapped up in ribbons
The night
The dream

We pushed it in our mouths
Pushed it deep inside
All wrapped up in ribbons
The night
The dream
The time

Friday, December 09, 2005

French people, once more...

Once more the French people are doing their best to be hated by the rest of the world. After having refused more then once, and still refuse, to accept that their country isn't the most beautifull one, that their wine is for wine-classics, that their cars are for lazy bastards, that their language is romantic but spoken by waaaayyyyy toooo many french people - yes there are 55million of them -, that their capital is not the most beautifull town in the world and that there is a world outside of France as well -shit, that was the wrong one, that one is copyrighted by the United States of America, they - French people - have found another reason to stay hated.

Surfing several computer boards, due to my job I try to stay in touch with the evolution, I discovered in a German Community (google-translated page) that the french pains in the ass (some people prefer arse) are trying to ban Open-Source software, actually only software that doesn't 'respect' - technically spoken 'support - Digital Rights Management (DRM), which would basically be almost every single Open-Source multimedia software. It would as well mean that every Linux-distribution would become illegal. First in France, afterwards the step to Europe would be only a small one anymore. And several 'good' software that works under Windows would also become illegal.

Before I start ranting hardcore, I'll better stop and let you build your own opinion, because those French cocks pissed me off properly this time. More information in following links ::

News at Slashdot
News at BoingBoing

Btw, not that long ago, a little more as a year to be precise, France considered challenging to high costs of Microsoft Software with open-source products. Read here

Yes that was a link, so click on it !

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My blog didn't rant, muse or randomly think.

Although I have a blog it didn't rant, muse or randomly think so far ? How fun is bloghopping nowadays ? Why do you people all suddenly start to have random thoughts ? Can't you stay focused on one thing anymore ? Do you change randomly women in live ? Damn, bastards. IMHO, well not that humble either, you should just continue being sheep and forget to think. Let me do the thinking, because most crap I read out there sucks anyway.

Fuck, actually I should be posting that I didn't do anything today, even't didn't have to go to the loo. Intresting. Well actually I must admit I was a really naughty boy and have been blogsurfing again at work. Bad ME ! Actually me day was really bad. I missed several Frenzies over there at Blogexplosion. Luckily I won some of them and now shortly before I go to sleep I really feel the need to shout out my excitement having won some credits @ Frenzy ::


Sure I admit being a blogwhore asd well but still see that there is alittle more as whining and kicking an internet server that lags. Damn people you got food and a roof above your head. Whatever do you want. Whine, take a pee at everything but do me one favour :: come down to earth. Yeah, life sucks but at least there's something about it.

Now I really have to start rambling how will my blog become good otherwise. And my random thoughts I definitely need to share them with you as well or am I wrong ? It is really important for your life to know what I just thought isn't it? Well I'll share it with you :: Damn in the country where I live more then half a million of people live in real poverty and you are telling me what you were eating today ? People are starving daily and we stupid cunts, we sit here behind the computer and moan about sites not loading fast enough. Were do I live ?

Politicians are gonna change the world and solve the poverty, after having pocketed for years 6 or were it 7-number wages and then suddenly reralise their time was too short to react. Today 300 international footbal (read soccer) stars earned probably more in one evening as I might in my whole life, but what is worsse they entertained thousands , millions of people, some of them paying more as $100 to see the game. People are still starving.

My colleague decided toay that his $3000 computer isn't fast enough any more. Yes I know his CPU is 3 months old. Another colleague bought a 'great pair of shoes' :: $300. And I, I bought UK Duty Paid tobacco :: £9.20. And a bottle of SoDa almost $2.00. But people are starving outside. Fuck those were some of my random thoughts. Is MWL qualified as a blog now ? But people are still starving outside.

(nothing to read after this)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sarah has a midlife crisis although she's only 20

Today, surfing some of the blogs I like, I discovered one of my nickname's being used on another blog. Actually that was really funny. It seems that someone hopes getting some more traffic, using that nickname to hide a link, traffic coming from search engines. How desperate do you have to be to pimp your blog in that way ?

It all became funnier when I checked Overture to realize that in the last 24 hours only eight persons looked for that nickname. Dumb, especially since 2 of those searches were mine.

Dear blogger, I won't mention your link in here, feel free to comment though, but I hope you enjoy the traffic you will get over your action. Here you might learn how to blog and get readers. Have fun and enjoy the traffic. Oh, btw don't bother taking of my nickname, it streaks my ego, er.... I meant off course my EGO-GALAXY !!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005



Shoutbox Hall of Fame.

Everyone should know it by now :: 'Yes, I am a Blogexplosions-Shoutbox-whore and feel totally happy about it. On 'huge' demand, three real people myself included, I started a newe blog The Shoutbox Hall of Fame. A second home for us shoutboxers without life !

Ever active Shoutboxer can just become member of the group and post at the Shoutbox Hall of Fame. Plug your site, write about things you wouldn't publish at your blog. Just be yourself.

Why don't you just join us ? Give us a shout at our favourite Shoutbox or comment our first post (or here)!

You only need a Blogger-account and a link to the Shoutbox Hall of Fame to participate.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Waisted Life :: why MWL.

Is my life really that 'wasted' ? I don't think so...
But why 'My waisted Life' as a blogtitle then ???

Before I started MWL, I had already tried 3 or 4 times to become a blogger and read a lot of blogs as well. Reading those I realized how 'waisted' my life actually is.

I don't have any diapers to change or any cool kids.
I never know what and how to cook.
I could tell you a lot about cocktails and their history but who cares about them.
I don't do any intresting sports or jump out of the gardenshed.
My dogs don't poop all over the place and my cats can't use a computer, forget about have a blog.
I don't have fuzzy bras or think of getting one.
My muppets don't meep.
I do not have cramps.
I never strip or think of becoming one.
My monkey never gets spanked.
I never date or get Shrek-Ears and my Mrs. doesn't take my black AmEx.
Gnomes don't invade my garden and Haikus, what are they.
I don't game, nor am I humourous.
I have no b(o)(o)bies and don't know two other bitches.
I am not gay or bisexual.
I don't do politics or take pictures.
My momm is not Jack, nor am I raging.
I can't draw and do not sing.

Damn my life is waisted.



Friday, December 02, 2005

Huge problems :: advice required

Black Standard
White Standard
Blue Streak
Deep Blue
Deep Purple
Pearl White
Red Cherry
Sky Blue
Dark Red+White

Which one to choose ?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Work :: discipline required ?!?!

The reason why I didn't write about my job lately was an 'official complaint' and 'invitation to the disciplinar commission'. Today it was D-Day. What happened. People who read this blog know that I work for one of the biggest e-business-suppliers worldwide as an outsourced 'sysadmin'. I am allowed to surf on the servers of a major Credit Card company with 'infamous' black cards, but don't expect me anymore to mention their name.

One of my colleagues had made an official complaint about my working attitude and what I all say/how I behave during day & write online. Yes my blog got discovered !

So this morning at 10.00am -I love it, a disciplinar meeting at that time of the day, puts me in a perfect mood for it- I took my notebook, cup of extra-strong coffee and went over there. Off course I had read the complaint and was 'well-prepared', my defense was 8 pages long. First my older, and very conservative colleague was allowed to cry out his heart. Basically it was nothing special, he was just moaning about me daily missing the morning meeting, not caring to much bout the evening meeting either, playing loud and aggressive music, me having written here that all (most of) my colleagues snort cocaine, aso... *yawns* At the same time I was surfing a little online reading blogs -yes, that was one of his remarks as well- and preparing the switch to firefox we plan to make next week. And then, suddenly :: WHAMMM !!!

I got woken up out of my concentration -yes my javacolorpicker doesn't work under firefox 1.5 and that really pisses me off- when he made his final statement :: 'And above all, he (=me) is a 'mason'.
Ouch ! that was a tough one. That really woke me up and made me looking at him. How could this guy possibly know if a was member of the 'Free Masons' or not. Well to make it short, I am not -well not properly-, but it seemed quite hard to find reasonable arguments and deny this point. In the U.K. nowadays the Freemasonry-club is quite hated.
To be honest, my father is a 'mason' -I think so, since he never really spoke about-, what makes me a 'Lewes' -shoot me if I spelled that wrong-, but I never went to a meeting. If now you look for me in google, you will see my father's name showing up on the first page. Reading some of his stuff -he has no homepage, but is a very respected person in Belgium- it is very easy to make a link with the 'Masons Lodge', but I still never went to any meeting or something like that, I just don't like belonging to any club, no matter how big their influence is. That's what it is, isn't it? I guess being 'mason' makes a lot of people feel more important as they really are. But I don't care about it. I am just 'madbull', an arrogant computer freak who always says what he thinks, doesn't care about not being shaved for three days and going to work in jeans -all of my colleagues always wear 'designer-suits'-. An attitude that seemed totally unacceptable for some of my colleagues. I can imagine last one, especially if your office is next to mine and you fear that i might start looking at your position.
It took me some seconds to recover from the 'Masonry' and I was finally allowed to defend myself. I was quite confuzed and lost track with my 'preparation'. I had carefully made a mix between my working 'references and achievements' for the company and for the case needed some personal assault as well. Off course I knew what he was going to attack, but 'masonry'. FUCK !!!
I still can't belive it, how could he know if I were an active one. It is a 'secret convention' you Cunt.

Luckily I found my calm very fast again and decided only to stick to the 'work competence' part of my defence. I am not going into any further details about it, since one of the decisions taken by the 'board' was that I am not allowed anymore to blog about my 'employer'. As if...

The 'meeting' took a lot longer as expected but after almost 4 hours we reached a verdict. By that time I was working my 'colorpicker' again and still didn't have it running. We had been debating quite a lot, especially since the complaint looked like :: 'I am gonna kick you out of the company' and I was available to 'hit back'. Some people used to call me a sniper and he woke up my 'best caracterics'. But actually he is a really professional person as well and it would definitely be a loss for the company. And above all I already 'resigned' some weeks ago, not wanting to deal with all those 'who's the best among us'-fights anymore. So I was really surprised -let me be arrogant :: actually not at all- about the outcome. Except for two points, his complaint got rejected and everything turned into my favour. Open (lost) points were my cocaine-posting here and my blogsurfing. Anyway last one they already took me away last week, when I got 'promoted/punished' to work at our security department. But it all became even more intresting :: he got fired and has till next week wednesday. Reason was officially his complaint. Damn, shit happens.

I think there must have been some 'masons' amongs the jury and I feel pleased about the new and bigger office I will get next week thursday. And tomorrow I am gonna have lunch with the jury members and watch carefully how they shake hands.

(Yeah, I know this 'read more'-link sucks, but who cares)