Thursday, December 29, 2005


Maybe I might not get one award this year. Not that I planned winning one, but I could as well get 4. Yes, the italk2much weblog awards go in their final stage. Not best blog, best daddy or biggest and fastest knitters blog this time. No political best opinionated person, best lovers blog or just best blog of all. No you have selected me for

* Blogwhore :: at least I got readers and that only after 3 months. LMFAO.
* Dramaqueen :: k, I admit some people are very hurt and don't like everything. Thanks, at least I can sleep at night. Sadly I still miss some dramaqueens here, although I did my best.
* Ignorant asshole :: if you still didn't get that, well I guess you are the dumbfuck of the year.
* Douchebag :: erm... ok I had thought that mango was more appropriate for this award, but admitted dumb cunt sounds better for you Mango and I would have had no chance against you if we were both in the same category.


Thank You. Yes I enjoy fun and believe it or not, I even submitted myself for one category (no not blogwhore) and will vote for myself as well (yes I am a computer nerd, there might even be tricks because I wanna win). At least I had guts, not like you (yes, I nominated you) , you and you. Pathetic idiots with your even dumber club.