Friday, December 30, 2005

There Is No Such Thing As Society

Some days ago I was reading the story of a Guns 'n Roses Bassist. It actually made me giggle quite a lot, even more I 'publicly' stated my 'groupieship'. But got rejected.

Daily I have been checking his reaction on this burning flame. Hoping for a new internet drama to start. Today I realised that they do not care but that I am just another victim.

Checking again today if some new gossip might have been created by him I realized I really suffer from my 'popularity'. Never he has given a damn bout me and linked to his fan. He never wanted to waste some pixels of his expensive cyberspace. Nor did she. And I really suffer from it. Especially today I realised how hard it is to deal with not being on their linklists, blogrolls. In a violent and repulsive way he let me know what I am good for. It all happened today. Fucking hell. What did I do ? I just hoped... that one day... Oh forget about it, he just tagged me.

I am sure, if I had been on his linklist I wouldn't suffer from thishave to go trough al this now. But actually since I like tags and memes that much, I decided to start my own meme, rather then answering those 4 things.

1. What do you think of memes and tags
I hate it that people try to tell me what I have to blog about. Most of time I even consider having better content to fill this (free) waiste of space as the stuff that is dealt with in tags.

2. But honeslty what do you really like about them.
OK, I admit there is one thing I like about memes and tags. If you are smart and participate to the system you will tag blogs that don't have you on their blogroll yet. Hoping that they will participate it might will improve your popularity. Isn't it all about having the best blog and technorati ?

3. How do you feel when someone tags you.
I do not really enjoy it. Of course it is nice to realize that someone has been thinking of you and your blog, Even might want to know something more about what you do/like and not. But sometimes I just think 'ok they didn't know whom else to tag'. Yeah a lot of memes I have already seen them a thousands of times and only therefor I might not participate at the meme/tag, just to be one out of the 9 millions, one who doesn't do it. But everytime someone tags me, I will try to come up with some post, built around the tag, not to ignore that person. People tend to suffer from rejection note to myself :: haven't you forgotten some links here). It's all about participating to the system and liking blue more then red or ?

4. Do you annoy tag other people with the meme ?
It all depends. Most of time the meme gets lost in my post anyway and I do not really like to impose people something I didn't like so it rarely happens that I tag other bloggers. Altough when I think having found a nice 'turnover' for the meme I might tag other ones. But mainly it depends on my mood.

Since this is a first try and definitely the last one to start something I will tag some people. Mainly people I do not know from if they do tags or not. I read all those blogs since quite some time already and actually have not seen any memes over there yet, so this meme might die just as soon as it got created as well. Victims are Annie, Miss Ann Thrope (with new look), BJ (again), Fidget and Biologisvensk (yes some of those people already link to me).