Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Amazing :: I managed it !

Surfing some of my reads today, emotional vomit reminded me that there was such a thing as New Years resolutions. Damn I had some of them as well. But what where they again. So I started digging in my recent posts and finally found them. Amazingly I have to say that I am still holding up with every single one of them, and this even after 3 full days ! Wowww !

Actually today I even found out that I have to stay even one week less at my job and I will have to leave my 'house' by May 5th, so I will be in the US beginning of May. Wuhuuu! Cool at least now I have a date to look forward at. At work I had some colleagues today who did not really enjoy their new background but I did enjoy it so much more.

Actually nothing special today, but therefor do not forget the guest post invitation. Two people already mentionned their intrest and I am 'digging' through their blogs. Feel free to participate. And another thing you should not forget :: also Gary had new year. Maybe you could leave him some wishes. Click the thumbnail in the sidebar. Last but not least, thank you for the comments on the new template. I think soon you might see more of 'my stuff'.