Friday, January 06, 2006

Boring, who's boring here?

Lately I thought I had lost my drive, and honestly yes my 'mind' has been occupied quite a lot. To get more 'active' again I have been thinking of several different options, but basically the truth is just that I am drowning in work. Well I guess I should not complain about it, I all own it to myself to have taken that many 'jobs'. If at least I was a person able to 'dispatch' a little I would have a great life, but still I got a great life. I was actually really close to start a Flame War with Rocky Jay in the hope to 'get distracted' a little. But that would have been too easy. Not that RJ is such an 'easy victim', no just that he provides that many 'attackable material'.

But today I got distracted. I got really distracted. My life took a new turn. Really bored, I decided to check out what Moby was blogging about this year. Rose Bowl, Super Bowl, international Cricket or English Football and Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson. Lately enough had happened. For a guy 'political' as moby even Ariel Sharon might have been a topic. Luckily he never speaks, writes or shows Paris Hilton on his blog (or not yet), but still he totally chanced my life today. I got rid of all the frustrations deep inside of me. I wanted to jump through the window, but damn security glass. Cava was not available any more and my socks, well they still rock. But Moby, yeah he did it...

He really did it... Every time I check out his blog I wonder what a boring life we, normal people have. Quickly fly to another state to see a movie. Yeah great what not to do with money. Every one's dream I would say... but you old political blogger, why not just show us some pics of your latest hair shave and hire some 'professional bloggers' or just stop blogging. Do you REALLY need to re-print a post found somewhere else ? And no I don't care that you gave credits to the original article (without link). Wanker. And you are 'the most respected famous blogger' ?

Sorry RJ but the flame will have to wait a little. Moby is more interesting (oomph) and less of a daddy blogger.

To the two readers who made it to the end of this post, do not forget this and the guest posting call.