Sunday, January 01, 2006

It is over, no more fuzz

It is over. The crazy days are gone. I even did not manage it to have one hang over, although I did my best. Not sure if I'll manage that 365 days, staying without a hang over. Now everything goes into a new phase for me. Together with the new year, for the first time I 'timed it', my life takes a new turn.

Last week Friday, the last official day of work in 2005 for me, I resigned. We found a compromise. Normally I would have had to work 6 more months when resigning, now they proposed me a deal where I only have to do 3 months and am not allowed to have an 'official' job in the next 6 weeks. Of course I am not allowed either to start for another IT-company, but therefor I can work as a freelancer. Only 'annoying' thing in the period of 3 months is that I'll have to stay where I am now. Yeah black cards again. I love them. But I guess it is normal that they do not outsource me to another company for only 6 weeks (I should leave AmEx mid february). Regular readers know I hate the atmosphere over there, advantage now is that I can REALLY do whatever I want.

This job 'change', yes I am already looking forward to find 'my bars' back, is going to have huge consequences on my life. First, like I already told, I will move to the US. But biggest change will be my wage. I know that the States are financially 'eden on earth' for good bartenders, maybe just not the area where I plan to go. I'll have to see. But where IBM/AmEx have helped me 'quite a lot' in taking care of some friends (and actually having nothing left over at the end of the month) I'll have to check now how I 'reach the end of the month'. A new situation for me. Of course if I will be lucky enough to find a job immediately in the States (which I do not doubt about) I will manage it without problems. Just the idea is weird to me. For the first time I also think about this whole 'moving' thing. Damn crossing the ocean is something different as moving in Europe. Anyway I will probably just travel with a backpack. I really want to and will do it. America here I come.

Right now I have a bigger problem. The liquor store around the corner is closing in some minutes. Since I want to start 2006 in the 'best way' I gotta run ! And do not forget to visit I have a crazy wife, my renter. Click the thumbnail in the sidebar to visit his blog.