Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Speech

We missed the little speech for Christmas, but I raised my credit card limit therefor by 1000GBP. Why not if you have access to the system. I missed (on purpose) the Christmas dinner, but spoiled myself therefor with a bottle of Tanqueray Gin. New Years Eve was quiet and lonely, well together with my favourite Interweb, but therefor I got drunk on Bermudez Aniversario Gold Rum.

Today, finally, it was that far. I could listen to the European Boss's New Year Speech !

'Never we had to endure that many attacks on our system... averagely 80/day... (here I refilled my glass with Cava)... only 6/day the 'security staff' had actively problems with... therefor we lost 'only' $800mio at security...
The help desk got faster and average (another glass of Cava) waiting time is now under 12min...
The illness rate got slightly the wrong way... now 83% of our students suffer regularly from the will to work... (damn I love that Cava)...'

Then, suddenly a phone rings. His phone and he answers. General surprise. The 'big guy' suddenly becomes soft... his wife at the other side. We witness the whole phone call, while I grab a waiter to refill my glass. His wife telling him he needs to go shopping urgently ! She ran out of... organic carrots ! We see him melt down and he now speaks softly to her, hardly understandable. Starting to feel pity with him, I go to the stage and offer him my glass of Cava. When he grabs towards it, I realise that it is impolite to offer someone his own glass and pull mine back. From the hand I call a waiter and within seconds his glass gets a well-deserved refill. He is totally pale now and I (just as other people) hear him say that he won't forget to pick up the laundry.

I sunk three floors through the building... realising our boss has such 'a normal' life. So did loads of my colleagues. This was the best New Years Speech I ever lived... and the Cava was great as well !