Sunday, January 08, 2006

Your A$$ is Grass, I'm blind as a bat.

Yes. That's a tagline. Well no actually not. He's the lawnmower and not the mole on duty. After yesterdays Cult of Snarkism guest entry by kn@ppster it is time to introduce another bitch today.

Curbed enthusiasm, or the Corporal. One more mommy-blogger freak. Yes freak and that in the good way. Banned by the Blog Thunderdome, Bless'd by Blogg'd and co-nominee for the ignorant a$$hole award at IT2M can only mean one thing :: this guy bites. I read the Corporal since quite some time already, 'discovered' him at Chaos Wastes and started reading his blog as soon as his ban was over. And he definitely learned something from the Blog Thunderdome, not like other dorks. Go check him out, take your kleenex with you and enjoy Curbed-Enthusiasm, a blogger I would definitely pick as guest poster.

In the last days I feel the strong desire to write something about another blog burner. Amazingly, lately I work my posts, well occasionally I do. So keep checking this blog !

Hole $hit, I just stumbled across THIS. Roxyfoxy *ugh-puke-vomit*, try this. Extended explanation here. That's all.