Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dear colleague,

some weeks ago I warned you about the waiting times of incoming phone calls on your line. 3 days later you got an official warning. Only one week later, we warned you about the pictures you downloaded during work time and increasing waiting times. Two days later you got a second official warning.
This week-end I had to restrict your upload quota in the house, we share together with other colleagues. While checking your surf habits, I also noticed you subscribed on two different pr0n sites, twice with different credit card details who aren't yours. I restricted you the access to every website with sexual content.

Today, when you took my clothes out of the laundry room, you made 3 errors.
1. I don't find my clothes. Shall we call this theft revenge?
2. You are 'prime suspect' since all the other people were at work. Server logs prove this. You were not logged in.
3. You forgot your car keys in the laundry room.

You can collect your car keys in the living room, on the desk and don't forget to get rid of the 'evidence'.

So far my day. I saw this video, you all have probably already seen, but I still think it is fucking funny.

I am sure she designed this or came up with the idea for.